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Pâslă Tehnică

Technical Felt

Felt made of 100% wool of different densities, thicknesses, lengths and widths. It has a wide variety of uses: sealing, filtration, vibration dumpers, polishing etc.

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Pâslă întrețesută

Needled felt

Technical felt without support, sound insulation, interlaced fabric, PNA beds, combined products - woven and interlaced, interlaced products.

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Confecții Tehnice

Technical Confections

Composition: PES, BBC, raffia, polyamide. Different types of dimensions. We execute any size at customer's request.

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Decupaje Pâslă

Cutting Felt

Textile cuts that may have different shapes and thicknesses. We execute any cuts at the customer's request.

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In a digital world, the manufacturing industry seems out of date and out of the box.

If the virtual world is actually impersonal, our world - small manufacturers - lives through direct contact and physical and manual involvement in transforming raw materials into the products demanded by our clients.

A virtual store can sell any image or technical description, but can not sell what we can not yet abstract, that is softness, smells, flavors, tastes, etc.

We are the Romanian representatives of the oldest textile technology of mankind (archaeologically certified with more than 5,000 years IH), respectively the production of felt, continuously producing it and the products made from it, products which are described on our website.

We have few standard products, as the vast majority of our products are made on the basis of our customers' specific requests. That is why it is difficult for us to present the full range of products we make.

If you need technical textiles for industrial applications, do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Did you know that

  • Wool is a natural material that burns only in the presence of flame? If you remove the flame, the wool goes off alone
  • Wool can retain 120% water over its own weight?
  • There is an exothermic physical reaction when wetting the wool? Therefore, woolen clothing is recommended to be worn when there is a risk of getting wet at low temperatures
  • The Nomex is a meta-aramid, being a fireproof fiber and withstand problems at temperatures of 210-230 C
  • Of all the classic textile fibers, polyamide has the best mechanical strength at stretching?
  • Polyester quickly breaks down at continuous temperatures of 50-70 C in the presence of water? Although it normally resists temperatures of 150 C having a natural aging time of 130 years.
  • The oldest written document, mentioning the existence of sheep in Europe, dates back to 712? It says that the 14-day-old lamb costs a shilling
  • In the seventeenth century, in the solemn sessions of the Senate that led the city of Liverpool, the representatives stood on a wool bag to pay tribute to this textile product that brought the wealth of the land?
  • Natural fur can suffer various processes as getting bleached and painted without losing sensitivity ? But the wool retains its qualities to the highest degree.
  • Factors influencing the quality of the wool are: the sheep breed, the climate, the food, the season in whici it is clipped and the age of the animal?
  • Wool fiber has flakes that give the property to tangle?
  • Regarding cotton(BBC), in the 400 BC, Herodot wrote that “in Indi there are wild plants bearing in their fruit high quality fur that are superior to the wool, from which the Indians make their clothes”


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