Our history starts in 1922 when the Romanian Felt Workshops were founded by 3 local industrialists. In 1933 the name changes to Romanian Felt. Following the forced nationalization in 1948, the name changes according to the weather in the Romanian Felt Factories. In 2005 we took over the production capacities and the trading portfolio of "Uzinelor" and we continued the tradition of the only manufacturer of technical felt and industrial fabrics in Romania.

The company's business objective : the production and marketing of both industrial technical and industrial felt and nonwovens and cuttings. The production of the factory is mainly focused on technical articles: conveyor belts for the milling and bakery industry and for paper and pulp making, woven and nonwoven filters, felt discs, technical garments, cut out articles, thermoplastics and others.

Due to the competitive environment in the country and its policy, we have made great investments in performing machines to improve both quality and productivity. These investments directly focused on the production of nonwovens and felt by offering products with net technical characteristics that are superior to competition and respecting dimensional characteristics through fieldwork.

From the point of view of technical clothing , the company demonstrates promptness and flexibility in dealing with customers, offering a considerable number of specialists in understanding and executing the products they need.
We are the only producers wool in Romania.A significant part of our products is intended for export.
The company has implemented and maintains a quality management system in accordance with the SR EN ISO 9001 families of standards for all product categories.

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