Interlaced Felt


Technical felt with support

Useful in metallurgy, footwear and others.


Felt for sound insulation

The machine building industry and all the soundproofing areas.

High mass needled felt

The stepped mesh is made of wool, mixed wool with other synthetic fibers. The maximum specific gravity is 7Kg / mp, the maximum density of 400 Kg / cm (0.40g / cmc), in widths up to 6m.

Ballistic felt

It is a fire-resistant, anti-insect and antifungic wool, used to hold bullets and missile skips

Composite conveyor belts

They are made from alternative layers of fabrics and textile fiber beds, with very good traction and tear resistance. The surface layer can be made of cotton, which gives the product very good liquid absorption properties and anti-adherence to cotton fabrics.

Technical felt without support

Sound insulation

Interlaced fabric

PNA beds

Combined products - woven and interlaced

Interlaced products